To create a swing from a tire with a rock devil

Karlin Studios, Prague, 10. 9.–10. 10. 2008

In this exhibition I wanted to elaborate on my previous solo exhibition in the NoD Gallery entitled I wanted to paint 40 Jews praying before the flight departure. The title To create a swing from a tire with a rock devil refers to an object and at the same time a performance, that intentionally was not realized. A mosaic of videos with individual relationships to exhibited paintings were scattered in the space among modeled objects that formed backgrounds of the situations captured in the videos. Videos taken at particular places were reproduced in relation to these places, and the models became more and more complex as their situations became more and more complex. Therefore, the exhibition is intelligible only when viewed as a whole, as a resultant of the combination of the complex relationships between the objects, paintings, videos, and title of the exhibition, and the themes I am concerned with.

Photo: Tomáš Souček