UMPRUM, thesis, Prague, 2009

Video of a series of previously experienced situations, staged with the model of the house I designed in the background. The choice of situations was inspired by six family photos.In these pictures, there are my relatives or me together with them. They were all taken in places, that play an important role both in my life and in “the case of Černá Hora” (see the theme of exhibition Černa Hora in The Gallery of Young). I have had all six situations according to my own scenery reproduced here. I have put comments related to suffering into all protagonists’ mouths. The sources of these comments are mostly texts about medical ethics, philosophy and the history of medicine. They are lifted out of the original context, reordered, embodied and put into protagonists’ mouths in individual situations.

I designed a house based on six family situations of fragments of six important buildings in Černá Hora, which relate to the case (see Exhibition Černá Hora in Young Artist’s Gallery). The design of the house allows to reproduce all six positions both in the interior and the exterior of the building. The design of the house is based on the historical elements. It’s forms make the past public and private events preset, in my opinion. Form that follows the story.