I wanted to paint 40 Jews praying before the flight departure

NoD Gallery, Prague, 14. 8.–1. 10. 2007

This exhibition was my first solo exhibition. I presented videos created in the previous three years together with paintings of 2007. I devoted the large hall of the exhibition to the model of a cinema in Doksy, which interests me because of its untold history reflected in its final form. Although the paintings and videos were intentionally spatially separated, their kinship is nevertheless determined by my personal experiences, transformed into symbols and symbolic actions with wider connotations. The individual motives of the paintings are presented in a fairly comprehensible order; the videos capture short stagings of events. All of them originate in personal experiences that mostly remain hidden. My intention is to work with the tension created by my “intimate design” of the exhibited works and the connotations and contents familiar to the public.

Photo: Jiří Thýn