Na ulici 74

Jelení Gallery, Prague, 21. 9.–8. 10. 2010

Final project connecting previously reflected topics of suffering, family situations and manipulations. At the exhibition, there was presented video “It is easy to say hi“, where a mother in a role of father affected by the global aphasia leads a dialogue with her daughter who reacts on unintelligible speech using contra-manipulative statements. Further two videos comprised synchronized video installations “It took me some time…” and “The Situation”. In the first video, there are six shots of real places that keep repeating. In the models of these six places the second video takes place. In the second video people give their testimonials about their suffering using its generalized medical philosophic definitions. Installation is supplemented by the diminished model of the model of the facts of the original situations. Last fragment of the exhibition is hand written list of the inheritance of the family house Na ulici 74.

Photo: Ondřej Telecký