The Fear of Chain Saw

Luxfer Gallery, Česká Skalice, 23. 5.–27. 7. 2014

Grandmother’s Valley. Identification through internal limits. The fear within us, fear within others. Shared solitude. Inherited. Fear creates a vulnerable person. Fear needs others. Creating a collective identity. The identity of the actual history. The picture Barunka. The statue, gate, transparent. A tiny doorjamb. The sculpture by Gutfreund. Barunka without a head. The picture Karel. Relationship between an old and young woman from the movie Grandmother under the supervision of a man with a stick from the book cover Karla. In Karla a man takes the identity of a woman fearing the man’s world of violence. His mother creates this concern. The picture Tiny doorjamb. Doorjamb on a pedestal. The deification of the place of origin of the house, rites of passages, dynasty, ancestor authorities. Rusty beard, rusty fire. There is a stick by the doorjamb. The video St. Christopher. The story of a giant bearing the heaviest baby in the world. Christopher’s big feet. The stick writes an objective observation of cosmic research before the Romanesque frescoes in the air. “No one was born or has died in the universe.” Men in space. Stick as a chainsaw. Authority. Education. Attack as a protection. The video Little snack. The furniture in the fields. Environment boundaries of together created world image.