Černá Hora

Young Artist’s Gallery, Brno, 1. 4.–30. 4. 2009

The form follows a story in Černá Hora (a small town close to Brno): The work of a global art movement – the functionalist school building by Bohuslav Fuchs – became a focal point of a local argument. It was a source of conflict and at the same time it inspired reflection about public space.

By mans of visual art this project aims to capture my personal understanding of, attitudes toward and comments on the local events and their specific circumstances, and in this way reveal their broader meanings. The ambition of the project was more than just to reveal an “alternative” description of social interaction or to present a „novel“ perspective on fundamental social principles. Rather, it offers various artistic forms with the purpose of influencing these interactions, mapping and archiving them. It explores the possibility that forms can transform into events and events into forms.

The exhibition was tailored to a given time and space, where the “thematic and spatial installation is to be understood as a whole composed of multiple fragments”. The installations mostly created barriers, limiting the perception of the works.

Photo: Ondřej Telecký