Jan Antonín Baťa, Tomáš Baťa, S2 ČH

Regional Gallery of Art, Zlín, Z(I)LIN(A) Space, curator: Martin Fišr, 2010

Video installation for Zlin, the city where phenomenon of one name means everything and nothing at the same time. Projection surface is made of perspective schema of the pedestal of Baťa brothers bronze statues. In the first video, there are four static shots of the monument from four different sides (east, west, south, north). In the second video, the names of both brothers are repeated and they come closer and closer on the screen. This piece of work was created in connection to continuation of the project in Zilina. In both cases, specific artistic and architectural component was brought from public space to gallery interior space.

Považská Gallery of Art, Žilina, Z(I)LIN(A) Space, curator: Mira Sikorová - Putišová, 2010

Alternative space S2 placed under the road bridge in cultural center Stanica in Zilina was transmitted to the space of Povazska Gallery of Arts (Povazska galerie umeni) in Zilina in the form of wall painting or fresco. It reflects the contrasts and tension of both places as well as conceptions of art and culture presentation in general.